Buddy Belt Mod - Elite Edition

Buddy Belt
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Our Elite features a velvety smooth leather. Buddy Belt enhances proper function and health. Each BUDDY BELT is handcrafted in Toronto Canada with attention paid to every detail. The quality of the product is the result of continued efforts to make it the best. Class Art Productions Inc. makers of BUDDY BELT strives for 100% customer satisfactionIts. It's unique patented design reduces stress on your pet's neck is easy to use and is made with 100% leather and quality hardware. This makes the BUDDY BELT very fashionable and highly functional. Many scars and marks that appear on the surface of your Buddy Belt product (s) are naturally occurring, and are a part of the natural beauty of the leather. Comes in different sizes and colors. Shipping is free to US and Canada


Size 1: Chest Girth: IN 8-10 or CM 20-25 and Weight up to 2 LBS Size 2: Chest Girth: IN 10-12 or CM 25-30 and Weight 2 to 4 LBS Size 3: Chest Girth: IN 12-14 or CM 30-35 and Weight 4 to 8 LBS Size 3.5: Chest Girth: IN 13-15 or CM 33-38 and Weight 7 to 9 LBS Size 4: Chest Girth: IN 14-16 or CM 35-40 and Weight 8 to 12 LBS Size 5: Chest Girth: IN 16-18 or CM 40-45 and Weight 12 to 18 LBS Size 6: Chest Girth: IN 18-22 or CM 45-56 and Weight 18 to 25 LBS Size 7: Chest Girth: IN 22-26 or CM 56-66 and Weight 25 to 45 LBS Size 8: Chest Girth: IN 26-30 or CM 66-75 and Weight 45 to 60 LBS Size 9: Chest Girth: IN 30-36 or CM 75-92 and Weight 60 to 85 LBS Size 10: Chest Girth: IN 36-42 or CM 89-107 and Weight 85 to 100 LBS


Steps: 1. Measure girth (full circle all the way around body directly behind your pet's front legs) confirm weight then determine size 2. To fit place BB on ground topside down and position front legs through holes. The buckle always goes to your pet's left paw. 3. Wrap BB around body and fasten it between your pet's shoulder blades. An ideal fit will allow enough room for a finger or two to slip underneath when you give a light tug up on the sliding o-ring. 4. When buckled the BB should comfortably fasten at one of the three middle holes. There are five holes in total. If your dog is still growing the tightest hole is acceptable as long as the BB still fits snugly. If your dog is wearing the BB over top of a sweater the end hole is acceptable. 5. Lastly attach leash to sliding O-ring. Pet tags can also be attached here.




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